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Press has a highly complex structure and widely used in variuos sectors and mostly imported from abroad.
That is why periodic maintenance and general maintenance procedures are done by technical teams from abroad which is usually a time consuming scenario.
Spare parts are also supplied from abroad. Due to the reason that these are old presses, to find the spare parts is difficult, expensive and time consuming.
Because of all these problems manufacturing is delayed or stoped for a period of time.
To resolve these problems we developed a technic with PLC controlled structure using operator panel, encoder and pressure transmitter.

In our technic, original structure of press is protected but additional structure and functionalities are included in the solution.
As a result, press works more productive way comparison to the old technic and has a reduced electrical, mechanical and hidrolic problems.

Bricks Set Working Parameters Calibration
Operator can improve the production quality while reading every numerical values from the operator panel and applying 0.1 mm sensitive lenght adjustments, 0.1 bar sensitive pressure adjustments, 0.01 second sensitive time adjustment as digital input. We also revised the daily production diagrams. As a result of all these improvements the production is not interrupted due to previous problems. In the event of any problems, our engineers in Istanbul office can handle the problems proficiently on customer sites and resolve the issues as soon as possible.

We develop and implement modernisation and automisation features to old technology presses. These are;

  • First of all simplification of operator controls : Transferring the controls of the adjustments and alterations of the Press to Digital Operator Panel instead of mechanical control panel, power terminal and some other elektro-mechanical control units on and/or around the Press.

  • The most complicated problems with old technology Presses was to tickness adjustment of the products which was done in every time the press is operated. This measuring and adjustment work was done by the Press Operator manually. In our new system the product thickness is automatically measured by an encoder and if there is an adjustment required the calculated value of this adjustment is displayed on the operator panel as a correction factor.

  • Another problem was changing the locations of the mechanical and enductive switches based on the changes of the product dimensions which was a waste of time. Furthermore the required sensitivity was difficult to obtain in every modification. In our new system these alterations are applied to the system numerically through user panel.

  • Using the Operator Panel: information regarding thickness ,changes on pressure and levels adjustments are obtained, changed and viewed easily. Having options displayed on one central panel allows us making savings on usage of unnecessary enstruments.Minimising the effects of having dusty environment of factories in manufaturing results.

  • Failures within the system can easily be seen on the Operator Panel. As a matter of fact this will allow the operator intervene and solve the problems in timely fashion to improve the manufacturing outputs comparison to old mechanical systems. Efficient and productive usage of time is one of the key features of this press automation procedure.

  • Comparison to old methods and systems, adjustment of pressure switches would take much less time.

With all these modernisation activities, presses are renewed as well as they become more productive, cost saving and more flexible. As a result of these technological enhancements companies, customers and also our country benefits from the increased productivity as well as remaining familiar and proficient to the latest developments in the world.

1250 Ton LAEIS PRESS Modernizasyonu
Modernisation of 1250 Ton LAEIS PRESS
Electrical Panel of SACMI PRESS
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