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psb Intralogisticspsb Intralogistics









We design and develop various automation solutions for our industry since 1993. 

We as Marmara Engineering, have been designing and developing high quality and cost effective automation solutions based on our customer's demands and requirements

We have been implementing these projects in Turkey and abroad in a timely fashion using the latest technologies available in the world.

As Marmara Engineering, our main activities in endustrial automation field is designing and installing systems and/or upgrading existing automation units however in last 4 years we specially worked on loading/unloading and load supply conveyor systems for SCADA integrated AS/RS systems as well as automated sorter units.

We are also developing and implementing projects for "Old Press Automation" sector.
Our highly experienced and knowledged engineering team has successfully developed many solutions with the motto of "New Technology For Old Press". 

We as Marmara Engineering deliver highly optimised conveyor system solutions using latest technology based on our customer's requirements with the help of our experienced team.

We deliver solutions to any technical problems either sending our technical team to the customer site as quick as possible or responding instantly using VPN connection (through Internet). 
Our quick response time for technical problems ensures that our customers can maintain their high level customer satisfaction profile as well as their respected corporate identity status. 

Marmara Engineering maintained respected status and continunity as a company in Turkish and International industrial automation market due to our dedication to deliver high quality systems and services to the customers and partners.

We are proud to highlight that we have delivered all the projects on time with high level of customer satisfaction since 1993.