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Brick, Ceramic and Tile owens have similar properties and have long lasting life period. However, towards the end of their life time their electrical equipment and electrical panels starts developing repetetive problems.

To solve these problems we use latest technologies to revise and upgrade these owens to ensure more reliable and accurate operation. We re-program the control software and re-implement them in Turkish or in English to allow manufacturing plants to add new or modify previous functionalities and operate in their desired language.

Using our operator panels we allow users to modify the speed of the fans in sensitive percentage values directly or sudden alterations applied through our inventors and break circuitries based on the operator's instructions. Moisture, humudity and the heat can be measured with 1 degree sensitivity or using precription system each brick can be processed in various heat levels. Our SCADA system can locate and display every single tray of bricks inside the owen and information regarding the tray load and tray schedule can be displayed at any point of time.

Tünel fırın scada ekran görünüşü
 Tunnel Owen SCADA screen display
Tünel fırın brülörler yandan görünüşm
Tunnel Owen Burners - Side View
Tünek fırın yanma havası motorları görünüş
Tunnel Owen Hot Air Circulation Turbines
Tünel fırın sistem odası görünüş
Tunnel Owen Systems Room
Tünel fırın sisten odası fan kontrol panosu görünüş-1
Tunnel Owen Systems Room Electrical Panels -1
Tünel fırın sisten odası fan kontrol panosu görünüş-2
Tunnel Owen Systems Room Electrical Panels - 2
Tünel fırın yakma panosu operatör paneli görünüş
Tunnel Owen Burner Operator Control Panel
Tünel fırın yakma panosu iç dizayn görünüş
Tunnel Owen Burner Operator Control Panel Inside View
Tünel fırın yakma panosu plc konfigürasyon görünüş
Tunnel Owen Burner Panel PLC Configuration
Tünel fırın transfer sistemi kumanda panosu
Tunnel Owen Transfer Systems Control Panel
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Kurutma çıkışı tuğla boşlatma asansörü görünüş
Dryer Exit Brick Unloading Elevator
Kurutma giriş ve çıkış asansörlerine ait kumanda panosu görünüş
Dryer Loading and Unloading Elevator Control Panel Inside View